About us

Since more then 20 years Mevlana is one of the largest Halal poultry and poultry products / snacks wholesaler in the Netherlands.
Mevlana is located in the Foodcenter of Amsterdam where all transports and deliveries to various point in the Netherlands and EU countries, supermarkts, butchers and other wholesalers is done. As an advantage of being located in Foodcenter we do apply just in time without loosing any time for daily deliveries. Mevlana wants to be a leading company on providing and operating reliable, cost efficient service and customer-driven innovations in the Netherland and EU countries. Mevlana also offers all aplication of future development in this sector and ready to create value in the Foodcenter Amsterdam 

Mevlana only produces quality products that meet the highest national and international hygiene standards. Boning, packaging, sale and delivery done in a single location. 

Mevlana offers a wide range of scale supermarkets, butcher shops, catering wholesalers and wholesalers.